New power-packed T-Shirt Customization tool

A new power-packed tool for T-Shirt customization is here.

The new tool offers a variety of features including:

  • A simpler interface to select fabric style, color, size and quantity
  • Magnified view option, which allows users to move the cursor over the t-shirt or design and see finer details
  • A “design view” that gives close-up view of the design
  • Zoom option – A clear and bigger image in a darker background
T-Shirt Configuration and Buy Page
T-Shirt Configuration and Buy Page

Here is the screen shot which shows the “magnified view”. User can choose the part of the image to be magnified just by moving the cursor on the image.


Another cool feature is the zoom option.  Click on the “See Bigger Image” button, and you will get a nice magnified image on a black background. Remember not to move cursor from the image button, otherwise the zoomed image will disappear.

We have also provided water-marking feature to help protect designs.

Zoom view of the image
Zoom view of the design

Also, you can go to the full fledged T-Shirt designer anytime  using the “Edit this Design” option. This will load the T-Shirt designer which has all the advanced features.

All in all, we hope the new tool will provide user experience easy and fun.  Try the tool yourself and let us know what you think.

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