Shweta Pokharna answers 5 questions

Shweta Pokharna is one of the early adopters who embraced the idea of exprez.  As a highly talented designer, her designs come across as complex and intricate at the same time conveying a deep sense of abstraction.   We are proud to kick off the “Mind of a Designer” series, where we feature interviews with designers, with  Shweta’s take on our 5 questions.

Please see Shweta’s designs here.

Whats the most exciting thing about creating designs for T-Shirts?

It gives me a high to see people wearing my ideas and creativity .Own tshirt designs is a way to share your creativity with the world.

What makes your designs unique?

The passion and hard work I put in my designs make my designs unique.

Whats your favorite theme for designs?

I love creating designs for kids , sports,trendy designs like skulls and tattoo.

Where do you look for inspiration while creating designs?

I get ideas from nature, my surroundings and of course the sea of inspiration the internet search.

How can user community of a web site can help you to create exceptional designs?

I believe that too many cooks spoils the broth. So an artist should not react to every feedback he or she recieves from the user community. Art has no defined form or value. It is abstract. What is good to me may not be liked by other. So an artist should believe in his or her talent and try to learn something new with each passing day, never stop learning and who knows one day you can create exceptional design.

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