On design – Sunil Patil

Sunil Patil’s designs are cool, funny and sometimes thought provocative. See his designs here. Sunil answers “5 questions” posed by exprez.in.

What is the most exciting thing about creating designs for T-Shirts?
T-shirts are a very unique medium for art. That is, art worn on one’s body! This is what thrills me the most.

What makes your designs unique?
I don’t stick to any one particular style of designing. I like bringing a great variety of styles into my designs. Every design I create is all by itself. This is the uniqueness of my designs, I feel.

Whats your favorite theme for designs?
The list is virtually endless! The most favorite theme is ‘Pop Culture’.

Where do you look for inspiration while creating designs?
I find inspiration for my designs from the whole diversity of life around me. Then I get into a sort of day-dreaming state (literally lying on the bed), that’s when the actual design idea emerges!

How can user community of a web site can help you to create exceptional designs?
The user community could indeed be a great source of ideas and inspirations. This community serves as a bridge between the end user and the designer. It is about bringing design ideas a lot closer to what the end user desires.

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