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There are many words to describe 2009 – change, meltdown, iPhone, cloud, Copenhagen to name a few.  No single characterization can do justice to capture a full year, but a couple of trends were relevant to us.


We saw enormous advances in mass participation. There are two waves moving in parallel – ubiquitous technology that makes mass participation easy, and willingness of people to try them. Even though the economic meltdown put many people out of jobs,  content creation has been phenomenal, whether in the form  of wikis, iPhone apps, blogs, tweets or Facebook updates. Technologies introduced by companies like Apple and Google are quite revolutionary and we have not yet fully seen the ramifications. In the coming years we will see accelerated participation and breakdown of many barriers.

Definition of value

The definition of value has changed. Media companies appeared to be the immediate victims. Moving atoms is still a great business but probably not for very long.  More and more value is being given to creators and idea makers, which we believe is a good thing.

As we look forward, the general sense is that politics and economy will be in turmoil for many years to come. However, the positive trends are so strong that there is every possibility of a new type of economy emerging from the ashes.

We hope to see a 2010 that is defined by the following:


The real value is in creating products and services that solve pressing problems while bringing efficiency to the system by eliminating wastage. Community participation and delegation to masses will be central. Almost 100 years back Gandhi pushed this vision through a simple “Charka”. Now we have hundreds of technologies that resemble the “Charka ” and provide power to masses. Diffusion of these technologies will be a key challenge and opportunity.


It is not only about creating products but also about connecting with a larger community. This requires sharing and openness. Technology could help here. However, personal conviction and passion of entrepreneurs and business leaders will be most important.


The era of blind consumption may be over. People want meaning and relevance for the products that they use. They want to give their personal touch instead of consuming products churned out from giant factories.  Beyond functionality, products will be used to express and connect to ourselves.

We are excited about the new thinking, technologies and preferences that are emerging. Our commitment for 2010 is to align ourselves with the bigger trends, while listening and communicating with our customers. Most importantly we will deliver on promises.

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