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In 1977, a young Psychology professor named Susan Krauss Whitbourne embarked on a ground breaking research project.  It involved 350 students and the purpose was to find an answer to one question viagra in indien kaufen. Can humans overcome self imposed restrictions and find happiness?

She questioned the participants every decade until she had forty years of data.  She then integrated the findings from the research with the Psychological theories of Fraud and Erikson to come out with an outstanding book – “The search for fulfillment”.

Based on the research, the book presents five different pathways that you could be in.

  • The meandering way – you are unable to settle on a clear set of goals and a way to achieve those goals
  • The straight and narrow way – you prefer routines over taking risk or questioning norms
  • The downward slope – you seem to have it all, until one or two poor decisions send your life into a downward spiral
  • The triumphant trail – your inner resilience has allowed you to overcome the significant challenges that could have left you despondent
  • The authentic road – you continuously take  a bold and honest look at yourself and take risks to get back on track

Not surprisingly, people who found the authentic road were also the most fulfilled.  They made changes to express their innermost selves.   Many Psychologists consider the ability to express our true selves  as the heart of favorable adaptation.

The best form of expression comes when we find our unique voice. As a matter of fact, each of us is unique and it is a matter of finding our uniqueness.  So how do we find our authentic road?

It takes courage and honesty to look at ourselves. The people who find the authentic road value a little experimentation over the control of stability.

This relates to the quality Psychologists call as “initiative”; which is  “the enjoyment of exercising your mind, directing others and enjoying flights of fancy”.  We develop it during pre-shcool, but as we get older, our creative impulses get more restricted. The ability to express our creativity is the result of our trust in ourselves.

The book has a positive message because it promises that you could choose to take any of these pathways at any time of your life.  It’s never late to be authentic. Celebrate your uniqueness, develop the courage to be different and take pride in it!

Next time, you feel the urge to shake the status quo or express yourself in a different way, don’t hold back. May be that’s where you will find your unique expression which could make a dent in the universe.

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