Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs.. The man behind many legendary products is a memory now. As people mourn his loss, it is good to remember what he stood for. He was driven by the belief that people with passion can change the world for better. He himself demonstrated a great deal of passion in creating products that will become essential part of our everyday life. He embraced simplicity and uniqueness, by thinking differently. After miraculously recovering from pancreatic cancer, he showed a sense of urgency to fulfill his mission of creating impossibly cool products.  Really, he was in a race against himself.

His products set off new industries, and destroyed old . He imagined how technology products should be designed. He was a power user of technology products. He coupled that with his visionary thinking and ability to execute flawlessly. He championed the products with the same vigor that he built them. He is being compared to great entrepreneurs like Edison and Henry Ford, but it is clear there is no contemporary parallel to him.

steve jobs

The products he unleashed, the passion he displayed and standards he set will continue to inspire the world. At the core of his monumental achievements, lies his passion and unique way of expressing his connection to the world – something all of us strive for.

As we appreciate his contributions, we are proud to give our own little tribute here..

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