Brand new designs – Skull Galore!

Pirates in the 1700s knew a thing or two about using imagery to scare sailors. They used flags emblazoned with a human skull and a pair of crossbones to send a clear message – “we mean business”! Some pirates even used customized skulls and bones to suggest that they were especially dangerous.

From flags waiving over troubled waters to t-shirts, the message conveyed by images of skulls has changed quite a bit. Skulls are not symbols of  menace any more, but rather they represent free spirit and fierce independence.

We are happy to launch our “1000 new designs” campaign by paying tribute to arguably the most visually appealing part of the human skeleton. The skull not only protects the grey matter, but reminds us about  equality, impermanence and the life beyond.

These remarkable designs bring skulls into focus. You can buy them as is or customize them with your own text. If you prefer window shopping, just remember to “like” them. In any case, check these designs and you will never look at skulls and t-shirts in the same way!

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