A new way to express love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love birds all across the country and abroad plan to do something special to make this a memorable affair for their beloved ones.  Love is surely in the air, and people will make the most of it. Valentine’s Day has usually been synonymous with cards, flowers (roses in particular), chocolates, and expensive dinners or pampering for the loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, dare to do something different through Exprez.in.

It’s possible that your valentine has perhaps guessed your plans for the V-Day. Why not try something different? Expressing your emotions through a T-shirt could be very different and cute! This doesn’t necessarily mean a Tee with a teddy or a heart with an arrow through it. It could be anything – maybe a picture of the two of you sharing a light moment, or one of your most memorable conversations or something that you’ve always wanted to share with your valentine but couldn’t gather courage for. So why not give it a try and make this valentine unique?

They say love is so strong of an emotion that one would go to any length to make loved ones happy.  And what better day to materialize this saying than on Valentine’s day. A T-Shirt with a picture of you and your valentine could be a very unique way of celebrating this day,  whether your valentine is your partner, friend, parent or even your pet!

There is no straight-jacketed method to confess your love. You can upload your designs or photos at our design studio  and we will print it on the T-shirt of your choice.

Let  your guard down this Valentine’s day, and celebrate your love through us. Rest assured that your personalized gift will bring a genuine smile to your beloveds.

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