Fantasy, Animals – New designs for this week

The animals that we see all the time either on television or in reality are not as simple as they seem to be. Dogs, Snakes, Spiders, Butterflies etc, are seen as what they appear to be with normal human eyes. In our dreams we may have imagined them as something they are not ..!

We at have once again done what we are best at! This time we have presented a new range of designs, which includes animals we have seen, heard or talked about in general but with a twist. Dogs in their never-seen-before avatar, they are fierce and nothing less than tigers. The dogs that we have created, won’t just bark or bite but will scare you out of your wits.

These designs creates a fusion of wilderness and fantasy. The concepts of angels and demons have been created in such a way to match your taste and style, with the new age angels and the irresistible baddie. While butterflies have been kept their usual pretty self, though with a grey shade to their being, mermaids have been given a dark shade.’s current themes of fantasy and  animals is another attempt to break free from the usual and give a new vision about what has always been plain sight. Hope you like what we have attempted to put forward through these designs.

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