New designs – “Take a ride”

It’s been forever, since guys and now even girls have been lusting for one of those sleek and sexy bikes. Gone are the days when vehicles were just meant for commuting, they have now become a style statement. Your car or motorbike reflects a lot about your personality, be it the style, the color or even the mileage of your vehicle. And these rides do come with a price tag which can burn a hole in your pocket. We at cannot help you in buying one of those desirable rides, but we can certainly help you in creating one of these on your t-shirts!

custom t-shirts - vehicles

Sticking to our reputation of serving you with something different, this time we have come up with a bunch of designs which are sure to set your pulse racing. These designs have been inspired by vehicles, motorbikes and cars. The automobiles that you’ve been always lusting for could be yours. A few of these designs are slightly different (read all-the-more-interesting) from the usual bikes and have been presented with bones instead of the usual machine parts. Not just bikes, we also have bikers as a part of our collection, we have a tough chick, a biker boy and an oldie biker as well. Whatever your attitude is, we have a design to compliment it viagra generika indien.

Apart from bikes, we also have cars and trucks. Trucks? Yes trucks! These are not just any trucks, but perhaps the sleekest and the most suave trucks that you have ever seen. Among cars, we do not have the boring black or white cars but the vibrant ones in colors like red, yellow, green and orange. These designs guarantee you on getting second looks from the onlookers. Another addition to this theme of vehicles is “wheels”. This time we have a couple of more designs to compliment the present collection. Wheels are something that adds to the oomph factor of any vehicle, from nice and sleek wheels to the rugged and rough wheels, you name it and we have it.

Be it vehicles or animals or pirates or anything for that matter, tries to present the some bizarre ideas in the most presentable ways. They give your personality an unmistakable edge. Look out for more new designs in this space. Till then, keep smiling and exprez (.)in.

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