New T-Shirt Designs – Mascots

Mascots have evolved from lucky household symbols to the public face of sports groups, music bands, army regiments and enterprises. Mascots are inspiring to young and old alike and often personify their groups. They play a very crucial role to help recall and distinguish groups.

Mascots could be anything – usual suspects are animals, but possibilities are limitless. Many college teams have mascots for their football, baseball, basketball  teams and various other clubs. While the teams are sweating it out to make their college proud, these mascots keep the audience entertained and help sustain the fun element of the game.

Keeping the universal appeal of mascots in mind, we are launching hundreds of new mascot designs. These aren’t just clichéd beavers, barracudas or warriors. We have the most interesting mascots just for your group of exclusives. Our collection of alligators, badgers, bears, beavers, bees, buffaloes, bluejays, bulls, rhinos and much more  are sure to fulfill your appetite for fun mascots.

If you thought that we only have designs from the wild then think again. We have warriors from around the world such as Aztecs from Central America, Mayans from South America, Trojans from Troy and Vikings who were travelers raiding in other people’s territories. While these are warriors of the past, they are going to bring out the fighter in you. The spirit of competitiveness and sportsmanship is given a new definition with these designs.

Next time you want to create a mascot for your group go ahead and pick one from our large collection or create your own by customizing these designs.

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