Celebrate cities, music and graffiti with new designs

While music fans are cheering Priyanka Chopra’s call to visit “my city” in her newly released single, we would like to pay tribute to music and its connection to cities.

It is no surprise that cities with their diversity and rich talent pool provide a fertile ground for a variety of new forms of music. Chicago is home to Blues, Seattle to Grunge and New Orleans to Jazz – to name a few.

As part of our 1000 new designs campaign, we are introducing our newest category of designs that feature not just cities and music but graffiti as well.

Graffiti with its controversial stance between art and vandalism is intertwined with urban culture  and music. For hip hop music, graffiti is considered one of its four pillars.

With these designs, we are transforming graffiti as an art that can be proudly worn!

We welcome you to check out our brand new collection, “City, Music and Graffiti” – these are no longer just to be seen or heard; make them part of your wardrobe!

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