Refresh your memories with college t-shirts and hoodies

Experience in a college is about a story that you tell yourself. A story that will play and replay many times in your life.

In the first year of college, everybody is a little bit scared about seniors, exams, hostel rooms etc. You are busy finding in your place among hundreds of other smart kids. Before you know, the first year is over and you may be ruminating over why your exams went so bad.

In the second year, things get much better with your new powers of being a senior and the “right” that allows you to abuse hapless juniors. You are still busy recovering from the failed exams of the first year but find some time to engage in sports or other cultural activities.

You make new friends, have some parties and study tours. You may feel like you are finding your feet in the tsunami of exams, labs and tons of other distractions.

The 3rd year might be the time to blossom as an engineering student. You’ve learnt some fundamental subjects, and completed small projects. It is time to gain confidence to tackle larger problems coming on your way. Third year is also when you get to party more and make even more friends.

The final year is like a magician’s hat that disappears in the thin year. It is so quick! You are busy with final project, campus interviews and a lot of parties. It is also an exciting time because you are temporarily relieved from a huge weight that was put on your back.

It is an enormous privilege to be in any college, especially in a professional college. By the time you realize, you are already out of the college and busy building your life in the real world.

However, those college years are so important that it leaves indelible marks in your life. The college experiences follow you like a shadow, whether they are good or bad. Don’t we all feel like re-living those memories?

Our college t-shirts are sure to bring your memories back but more importantly, it firmly put you back on your roots. By wearing your college swags, you are also giving free publicity to your alma-mater. Isn’t the least you can do for you alma mater?

Your college years is already part of your story. Let’s give it a voice with college t-shirts.

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