10 steps to creating awesome t-shirt design

Want your custom T-shirts to be eye-catching? Well there are certain things you can do to make your T-shirt designs better.

1. Plan your T-shirt design

Think carefully about what you’re trying to represent with your design. Is it for a certain event? For commercial or personal use? Do you want it to be stylish but simple? Or do you need it to be fancy and bright? Make sure you have a clear idea about what you’re trying to achieve with the T-shirt you plan to create.

2. What’s your target audience?

Do you want to look unique and be a conversation starter? or are you trying to start a business with designs that are sure to sell? Are you targeting teenagers? Younger ones? or older? get a clear cut age group and this will make your presentation much easier.

3.Sketch your idea.sketching-at-home

Once you have a clear idea about your design, you need to visualise how it would look on a T-shirt viagra 100mg filmtabletten bestellen. For this, make a rough sketch on some paper before you finalise your design. Then you can make any changes or tweaks to make it more attractive before using the designing software.

4.Colour is King.colour_chart_19cc8ffe-8d4b-4ac6-8c39-38438cee6dc9_large

Like seriously. Colour is everything. Most commercial T-shirts have a contrasting colour scheme which makes it eye-catching. But you can do lots of things with varying colours. The way you pick your colours will add different meaning and add focal points to different parts of the torso. The colour palette will also be the difference between an ultra modern look, or a vintage inspired creation. With colour you can add depth and balance to your design. Most successful designs have a contrasting colour pattern, which means that the background (the actual colour of the T-shirt) should be possibly of a darker colour than the foreground (the design) or vice versa.


Don’t be afraid to try everything available in the software before finalising your design. It doesn’t have to be in your initial plan, but if you feel that an element you’ve come across will benefit your design, then go ahead! Dare to be different. You can check out hundreds of clip arts offered by the exprez.in software which will surely suit your taste.

6.Orientation of your design.Screenshot (184)

Your design will not have the required effect if its not placed correctly on the T-shirt. Mostly, designs which are placed at the centre of the T-shirt get the most attention. Minimal text also located at eye level will get more attention. The t-shirt designer software helps with this issue by providing a square at the centre of the shirt in which you can place your design. There are also tools in the tool bar at the bottom of the page which will automatically help orient your picture or text as per your requirements, with just one click!

7.You’re going to need balance.

A well balanced composition means, having the right amount of elements in your design, and stream-lining the sizes of each of the elements. Suppose you have a logo and two phrases. If you make the phrases too tiny and the logo huge, there’s really no point because the information being conveyed is only through the logo and not the text. Maybe you can try making the logo more medium-sized and pick the more important phrase to be slightly of a larger font size than the other phrase. By doing this, you can be sure that people are attracted by the scientifically proven visual element first, and the larger sized phrase and by this time they’re drawn in so they will make the effort to read the second phrase as well.

8. Create Substance

A good design has a solid idea and purpose behind it. Especially if you’re designing for a large audience. You need to think up something which will make your targets WANT to buy it and not throw it away. Something that has wit, humour, or inspiration will go a long way.

9. Got some Spice?

Spice up your designs in the following ways :

  • Layer different clip art images to create a unique design.
  • Rotate your text to liven up the T-shirt (but make sure it’s still readable!).
  • Add visual interest to a large block of text by using a clip art back drop, or a faded image of your choice.

All these can be done using the seriously simple exprez.in software. Check it out  t shirt designer

10. And Lastly…..

Show your design to someone else so you can get their feedback. They obviously don’t have to like it, but a new set of eyes adds another perspective into the mix. First impressions are a great way to know how your targeted base will react to the design. Certain technical issues like font style and design colour can be rectified due to this step as well.

Need more help?? Check out  http://www.wikihow.com/Design-Your-Own-T-Shirt

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