Creativity is NOT in the Blood

Whoever said every skill is some sort of birth-right definitely didn’t look twice into the fact. Think about it. Did Leonardo Da Vinci start his masterpieces as soon as he could use his hands? No. It’s experiences that guide our thinking and behaviour. Maybe certain things like photographic memory are natural gifts one is born with, but it is not the case with Creativity.

It’s All About Inspiration

Creativity is a skill too. It’s acquired, not pre-existing. Simply put, literally EVERYONE can be creative. And there’s no limit here. What may seem dormant to one, may seem exceptional to another. It’s all about reaching the right people, because there is no good or bad in things like design and inventions. You may not agree because you maybe haven’t found it in yourself. What’s missing? Inspiration. This is the key to unlocking great creations. It is said that creativity and science do not go together, but even scientists are inspired by some unique phenomenon which sparks their theories and inventions.

Still Don’t Agree?

You feel like being artsy is an inborn talent? Would you be willing to let us try and change your mind? Honestly. Come on. No harm in trying right? We believe in starting small and working your way up.

You may not have the patience or energy to sketch something out or get supplies to make your idea of a typical masterpiece. Great thing is, you don’t have to do that. That’s what super fast and super user-friendly softwares are for. Maybe one software you could try is our seriously chill t-shirt designing software. Simple things like designing t-shirts will pave the way for more advanced work later on. Try it here :-

You can experiment with hundreds of combinations and pick things you like best! You do not have to be a genius or an established artist. You can use cliparts, upload images of your choice, add text in fonts of your choice and many more. You will not believe how simple it is. And just imagine. The pride you feel in wearing your own creation is impeccable. Your creativity truly can be found. Believe it. Once you get going, there’s no looking back.


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