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Exprez product catalogue

Have you ever get confused by looking all the product offering in a website? At exprez, we have added hundreds of new products and tens of features in the last year alone. Our intention was never to confuse you but give you ever more options. In the same spirit, we are offering a compressed view of everything that we offer in a catalogue format. This catalogue covers main features of exprez, including:

  • T Shirt Designer
  • Hundreds of pre-made t-shirts
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Please check our catalogue and we hope you enjoy it!

Never miss these critical startup lessons from the real world

startup lessons learned from inkkas

Every episode of Marcus Lemonis’ show “The Profit” (CNBC) will teach you a thing or two about entrepreneurship. These are real stories of how entrepreneurs make mistakes and struggle with their business and life. Often the lessons learned are far more effective than what you would learn through an MBA case study.

A recent episode about “Inkkas Global Footwear”, a failing fashion shoe maker from Brooklyn, New York shows how lack of discipline by the founder-CEO wrecks havoc in his company and how Marcus intervenes to save it from abyss.

Marcus focuses on the people, process and product while remaking the business. He is not doing it for charity but to save jobs and make money. He invests his own money in these businesses and takes full control over the most critical decisions.


In 2012, Daniel along with his brother and best friend created “Inkkas Global Footwear” in Brooklyn, NY. The idea is to use global textiles and inspirations to create bold and colorful footwear unlike anything in the market. Daniel got the inspiration from his travels in Peru. He took the idea and made it a real product that people can wear.

As the creative director and CEO of the company, some of his designs had been real hits but too many bombed leaving the company in a deep financial crisis. Cash running low, and failing products it was just a matter of time before the Inkkas went out of business.

Inkkas has a retail store in Brooklyn, NY but it generates merely 3% of revenue. A whopping 70% of the revenue comes from wholesale business and the rest from its online store.

Inkkas has around 100 SKUs online and they create 15 new SKUs each season. It costs $2000 to create a completely new SKU and anywhere between $15000 to $20000 to put these new products on the shelves.

According to Daniel, there was $1 million investment in the company and it had lost close to $600,000.


Marcus himself tried a few shoes from the retail store and quickly found that the store neither had enough inventory nor the vibe of a retail store.

Shoes were good looking but not comfortable to wear, often the soles of the shoes being too thin.

The shoe industry does over $48 billion annually. Everybody needs an affordable cool pair of shoes.
The unique designs of Inkkas were impressive but they had far too many models. The company was losing money with creating designs that were not sought after.

Unlike Converse, which made a hugely popular Chuck Taylor shoes, Inkkas was making too many shoes with no profit. This lack of focus was proving to be fatal.

All founders were in deep financial trouble but the team was strong and had great commitment to the business.

Marcus’ offer

Marcus liked the team but realized that the company needed a complete overhaul from product to process to personnel. He originally made an offer for $750,000 with 51% stake in company. Due to the resistance from the co-founders, he made a counter offer of $600,000 for 40% stake with a guaranteed return of 10% .

He also enforced 20% shares for each of the three co-founders. With the agreement in place, Marcus took charge and started remaking the company.

Everything has to change!

Marcus’s first priority was to fix the product. He also wanted to focus on wholesale and grow the online business. The retail store had to be shutdown since it was it was losing money. The company had to be relocated to the right place to attract wholesale buyers.

Marcus wanted to identify which models sell well. He visited DNA footwear, a popular retail chain in New York City, which carried Inkkas shoes. He advised Daniel and the team to listen to the feedback and ask right questions. They quickly found out that basic model sold well and none of the seasonal models were bringing any customers. The message was clear – stick to the basics! Sell the basic shoes, make money and don’t do anything else.

New product line

inkkas-shoes-modelArmed with the feedback from the retailer, team decided to focus on 5 basic models – high-top lace-up, low-top lace-up, slip-on, jogger and camper. Each of these models would come with 4 designs that represent four geographic regions – North America, South America, Europe and Africa. This would bring the total styles to 20, compared to the 100 which Inkkas had before.

Marcus hired a company called ModernVice to redo the development of shoes to have better comfort and durability.

The next step was finalizing the design of the textiles used in making shoes. Marcus took Daniel to a big textile store in NY. He also wanted to see how Daniel would go from product idea to execution.

Problem with Daniel

Here Marcus identified the core problem of the business. As a CEO, Daniel had no discipline and his creativity went wild leaving the company in doldrums. Marcus asked Daniel to select 1 fabric from each region but he came up with 40 selections. It took a few iterations for Marcus to get Daniel to listen and follow directions.

New Inkkas

Since Inkkas was going to focus on wholesale, the company would be better located close to the buyers. The primary wholesale buyers would go to the garment district rather than to Brooklyn. inkkas-customers

Marcus moved the company to the Garment district of New York.

The team did a great a job of decorating the new office. With constant baby sitting from Marcus, Daniel could focus and create 4 model shoes. The big day arrived when the buyer visited the new office. Marcus gave two directions to Daniel – first, to give a compelling presentation on the products. Second, to give an “inventory assurance” to the buyers.

Daniel did a great job with the presentation. The buyer ended up taking all 5 models with a few styles of each. There couldn’t have been a better start for the new company.

The episode ended with re-inforcing the new identity of Inkkas – “Great design, great comfort, great prices and great profit!”.

Key Lessons

You definitely need a disciplined guy who is good with numbers at the top to make the right financial decisions

Focus on your core product offerings. It is a mistake for entrepreneurs to go after every product idea instead all they have to do it is focus on the basic products and create revenue.

You need to be located at the center of the action.

Define your core business and don’t try to do it all. In this case, the Inkkas made a mistake of focusing on both wholesale and retail business.

Sometimes, you need an external master to come and change your ways. Even better, realize the mistakes early on so that you don’t need to make a call to Marcos Lemons and give away 40% of the company.

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Harry Potter Rules!

Do you want to find a series that will make you want to sit and read for hours? Do you love fantasy and want an amazing story of a brave hero? Do you want to find a series for someone who just refuses to read? If you answered yes to any of these questions then start reading the Harry Potter series. You will realize how indulging and interesting these books are. Here is little bit of backstory about Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter was written by a young woman named J.K. Rowling. Her real name is Joanne Rowling. The reason she was called J.K. Rowling was because when her book was being published the editors thought that more people would read her books if she had a sort-of boyish name. The “K” in her name stands for her grandmother’s name Kathleen.

One interesting fact about Rowling is that she wasn’t that big of a fan of fantasy books but, Harry Potter made her a billionaire! Many people might wonder where she got the idea for Harry Potter and the answer is on a train!

Rowling’s Books

Rowling has published a total of 7 books, all in the Harry Potter series. There’s no telling which one of her books is the most popular because all of the books sold millions of copies! They each tell a story of young teenager Harry Potter. In each of the books he unravels a new mystery and has a new adventure. You can never get bored with Harry Potter! The characters and plots are very interesting and unique as well.Harry Potter T Shirts Banner

Timeline of Rowling’s Life

1965   On July 31, Joanne Rowling is born at Chipping Sodbury General Hospital in Gloucestershire, England.

1971   Family moves from Yate to Winterbourne, near Bristol; she and her younger sister Di play with an adventurous brother and sister whose last name is Potter.

1974   Rowling family moves to Tutshill, near Chepstow in Wales, on the edge of the Forest of Dean; begins to collect novels by her favorite children’s authors.

1976   Enrolls at Wyedean Comprehensive; best friend Sean Harris provides the model for Ron Weasley.

1980   Rowling’s mother is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

1982   Becomes head girl, or lead pupil, at Wyedean Comprehensive.

1983   Enrolls at University of Exeter; studies French and classics.

1985   Spends one year in Paris as teaching assistant as part of degree.

1987   Graduates from Exeter, then works briefly as a research assistant for Amnesty International; writes during lunch hours in pubs and cafés.

1988   Employed as secretary in Manchester.

1990   During long train ride from Manchester to London, suddenly imagines boy who is a wizard but he does not know it; mother dies at age 45 from multiple sclerosis.

1991   Teaches English as a foreign language in Oporto, Portugal; writes 10 different first chapters for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

1992   Marries Portuguese television journalist.

1993   Gives birth to daughter, Jessica; divorces; returns to Britain with her daughter and settles in Edinburgh, Scotland, to be near her sister.

1994   Struggles to make ends meet as single parent who cannot find a job that pays well enough to provide daycare for her daughter; continues to work on Harry Potter manuscript whenever she can during the day and at night.

1995   Sends finished manuscript to two agents and one publisher.

1996   Works as French teacher while she waits to hear about her manuscript.

1997   Scottish Arts Council gives her a large grant to continue writing;Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is published in Britain; Scholastic purchases U.S. rights.

1998   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is published in Britain.

1999   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is published in Britain, becoming the No. 1 best seller; Harry Potter books are also the top three titles on the New York Times fiction bestseller list.

2000   Makes Forbes magazine’s annual Celebrity 100 list as the 24th-highest celebrity earner in the world; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireis published in Britain and the United States at the same time.

2001   Warner Bros. releases the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

2002   Warner Bros. releases the second Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

2003   Preorders for the book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixmake it Amazon’s No. 1 best seller five months before its June 21 publishing date.

2004   Film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is released.

2005   Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is published; the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released.

2007   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is published.

2009   The film version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released.

2010   The film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 1 is released.

2011   The film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 2 is released.

2012   The Casual Vacancy is released on September 27.

2013   Releases The Cuckoo’s Calling (under the pen name Robert Galbrait)



An amazing year for customized t shirts!

Happy New Year 2016

Every new year is an opportunity to start something afresh, while appreciating the previous year. We would like to thank all our customers who believed in us and created amazing T-Shirts using This year, we made huge improvements in our service:

Our goal for this year is to be “the place” for expressing yourself uniquely through T- Shirts. We will continue to improve our web-site and products to provide you the best experience!

Again, thank you for your support and wishing you a great new year!

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GEC College T-Shirts and Hoodies

GEC mens hoodieThousands of students have graduated from Government Engineering College, Thrissur since 1957.

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Refresh your memories with college t-shirts and hoodies

Experience in a college is about a story that you tell yourself. A story that will play and replay many times in your life.

In the first year of college, everybody is a little bit scared about seniors, exams, hostel rooms etc. You are busy finding in your place among hundreds of other smart kids. Before you know, the first year is over and you may be ruminating over why your exams went so bad.

In the second year, things get much better with your new powers of being a senior and the “right” that allows you to abuse hapless juniors. You are still busy recovering from the failed exams of the first year but find some time to engage in sports or other cultural activities.

You make new friends, have some parties and study tours. You may feel like you are finding your feet in the tsunami of exams, labs and tons of other distractions.

The 3rd year might be the time to blossom as an engineering student. You’ve learnt some fundamental subjects, and completed small projects. It is time to gain confidence to tackle larger problems coming on your way. Third year is also when you get to party more and make even more friends.

The final year is like a magician’s hat that disappears in the thin year. It is so quick! You are busy with final project, campus interviews and a lot of parties. It is also an exciting time because you are temporarily relieved from a huge weight that was put on your back.

It is an enormous privilege to be in any college, especially in a professional college. By the time you realize, you are already out of the college and busy building your life in the real world.

However, those college years are so important that it leaves indelible marks in your life. The college experiences follow you like a shadow, whether they are good or bad. Don’t we all feel like re-living those memories?

Our college t-shirts are sure to bring your memories back but more importantly, it firmly put you back on your roots. By wearing your college swags, you are also giving free publicity to your alma-mater. Isn’t the least you can do for you alma mater?

Your college years is already part of your story. Let’s give it a voice with college t-shirts.

A killer t-shirt design tool

custom t-shirt design tool

We are extremely proud to present our new t-shirt designer! It is designed to work on PC, Laptop, Tablet and mobile devices.  You don’t need any browser plugin to use this tool. Here are some cool features of the new tool:

  • Upload your own design or select from clip-arts library
  • Select from a number of font options
  • Resize, rotate and colorize objects
  • Design on the several sides (views) of the t-shirts
  • Dynamic price indicator based on quantity
  • Change product type and color without leaving the tool
  • and many more ..

This extremely is tool is backed by superior fabric & printing and of course, an amazing customer service!