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Celebrate cities, music and graffiti with new designs

While music fans are cheering Priyanka Chopra’s call to visit “my city” in her newly released single, we would like to pay tribute to music and its connection to cities. It is no surprise that cities with their diversity and rich talent pool provide a fertile ground for a variety of new forms of music. […]

Be sporty – new designs

Playing sports has always been related to fitness and fun. Now we are going to make sports stylish for you! As part of our “1000 new designs” campaign, we are presenting our latest collection “Sports”. The collection focuses mainly on eight sports – soccer, basketball, figure skating, swimming, weightlifting, dance, volleyball and wrestling. It is […]

Introducing Design Elements

As part of the “1000 new designs” campaign, we are presenting an entirely new collection called “Design Elements” today. It is a collection of designs that turn most unimaginable objects into cool designs. With over a 100 designs, we give you ample number of options to choose from – not just 100 designs but 100 […]

New designs – “Take a ride”

It’s been forever, since guys and now even girls have been lusting for one of those sleek and sexy bikes. Gone are the days when vehicles were just meant for commuting, they have now become a style statement. Your car or motorbike reflects a lot about your personality, be it the style, the color or […]